Alternative Hemorrhoid Treatment

Published: 21st April 2010
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You may have heard that alternative medicine can really be a help to hemroids and you're wondering if it could possibly be true. Alternative medicine is enjoying a massive upswing in popularity in recent years for a variety of reasons. Traditional Western medicine has made great strides in the last two centuries in healing many of the acute diseases that afflict humanity, such as staph infection, polio, yellow fever and influenza. However, now that we're living longer, we're finding a multitude of long term, chronic diseases that present just as many problems over the long term. Traditional medicine doesn't always have a lot to offer for long term chronic problems like hemroids. Using both traditional and alternative methods can greatly expand the possibilities for hemroid relief and healing.

The first and best known alternative option for hemroid relief and cure lies in the realm of herbs. People have used herbal medicine as long as there have been humans. Many of our modern pharmaceuticals are extracted from plants. Of course, people have suffered from hemroids for a very long time, too, and people in history found the best herbs to use for hemroid help. Butcher's broom, horse chestnut and pilewort are three of the traditional herbs that help. Chamomile, calendula and mullein may also help when applied as a compress to the outside. Chamomile tea is also generally helpful if you're trying to relax from too much stress. Do remember to thoroughly research the proper way to take any herb you're considering and remember that these plants can be just as powerful as prescription medication.

A related alternative medicine field you may want to consider is aromatherapy. Plenty of people refuse to consider aromatherapy thinking that it's nothing more than pretty smells. How can pretty smells be medicine? Fortunately, the pretty smell is just a pleasant side effect. Aromatherapy works by absorbing active ingredients into the body through the nasal passages in much the same way that asthma inhalers work. The part of the oil that smells is usually not the active ingredient. If essential oil is too old, it may still smell nice but it has lost the active chemical compounds that make it effective. If it's fresh, it can send helpful medicine through your nose and lungs throughout the body wherever you need it. Lavender and juniper oils are the most renowned for hemroids. Rosemary oil may help with cell regeneration and healing. Just like herbs, though, you need to find out exactly how to use these to get the best results.

The last area of alternative medicine you may want to investigate is acupuncture. Many people shy away from this alternative medicine option because it sounds rather far-fetched. The theory is that needles serve to stimulate nerve nexus points that help heal diseases and disorders. This system comes out of eastern Asia, and enough clinical studies have been done on it that the World Health Organization considers it a viable option for hemroid help. If you're terribly needle-phobic, acupressure may be the answer. With acupressure, the nerve points are pressed on by a firm object or with fingers instead of pierced by a needle. The comparative effectiveness is debatable, as clinical studies have not been done as much on acupressure.

Alternative medicine is not meant to replace traditional medicine, but rather to complement it. It's never a good idea to say "never" when it comes to medical treatment. Use both systems of medicine for what they can offer and what they do best, and you'll have the very best plan possible to deal with your hemroids.

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